deep down in the delta


“This is a hauntingly beautiful work that combines the poetic voice of Greg Brownderville with the evocative paintings of Billy Moore. Together, their art and poetry create a poignant narrative that is deeply rooted in Delta worlds. Brownderville and Moore transport the reader into a land seething with Voodoo, a land where ghosts return to haunt the living. It is a journey we will not soon forget.”

—William Ferris


“Greg Brownderville’s verse recalls the voices of those who’ve seen inside other dimensions of a place that’s Southern and familiar. A new and ancient discovery of ourselves is worn and woven into each small, poetic tale. When I read these foundling moments of vision, I can almost hear the crickets and the wind between the wild plantings that lie in the backyard of each speaker. Read these words to find a place that is almost as lost as yesterday, and almost as found as your next dream.”

—Tyehimba Jess



deep down in the delta